Member of the BIHA RPii certificated units and PAT tested fans
Fully insured for £5m Wide area covered

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice is needed to make a booking?

Our office hours are 8am-9pm and you can contact us anytime during these hours 7 days a week either by calling 0800 779 73 93 or mobile 07472534294, or on our Enquiry form on A1 website or on Facebook A1 Fun Bouncy Castle Hire. If you are unable to reach us please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We advise you to book early to avoid disappointment but we will take last minute bookings if units are available.

What’s included in the price?

The hire price of the unit comes with the electric fan, cable, safety mats, pegs/sandbags and ground sheets or tarpaulins. Delivery, set up and packing away is also included if you are within a 15 mile radius – an extra charge will apply if we have to travel further afield – to be discussed at booking time.

What are the hire costs and how long can a unit be hired for?

Hire costs vary from one unit to another and package deals can be made up for you which will change the price again. Depending on your requirements the approximate costs will be £50 - £150. During October – March we will only take bookings for halls which usually means for less time and set hours. Between April and September we will take bookings for outside as well which usually means for more time. We will aim to deliver between 7am-10am and collect between 5pm-7pm. The hire price will remain the same for both as the charge is for the unit and not the amount of hours in the day. Overnight hire will incur a £50 extra charge if we are able to provide this service. Please contact us to discuss.

Is a deposit needed?

At time of writing no but we are in process of arranging this and as soon as it is up and running we will be doing so. We will be asking for a 50% non-refundable deposit with the remainder payable on the day. Meanwhile payment will be cash on delivery or BACS payment 2 weeks before.

What about cancellations?

Bookings cancelled 7 days prior to the hire date – at this stage you can change the date and use the same deposit to re-book or if full cancellation is required then we are afraid you will lose your deposit. Cancellations within the 7 days of hire date also forfeits the deposit. Please contact us to discuss. Note: If we arrive at the venue without any warning of a cancellation then you will lose your deposit and we may even ask you to pay the rest of the hire costs as we have honoured the booking.

Do we have to sign a Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions form?

Yes upon arrival the delivery men will hand you a form to read. Please check the details carefully before signing and ask questions before they leave if you are unsure about anything.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We always monitor the weather and if we can see it is going to be severe rain and wind we will contact you to cancel. Your deposit will be refunded in this case. If there’s a risk of a shower or two then we will call you to discuss. If we both agree to continue with the booking we will advise you what to do in the event of showers. We reserve the right to have the final say due to bad weather as our equipment is expensive and also for Health & Safety reasons it is not possible for children to use equipment when it is wet and slippery.

What type of ground will you put units on?

We will only put our units on grass areas now due to some equipment being ruined in the past due to hard grounds like concrete, tarmac and stones. We are happy to use old mats underneath the unit in the case of there being an area that has small pea gravel or soft bark chips. Indoor hall floors are perfectly ok for our units. PLEASE make sure the ground is clear of any sharp objects, animal mess and that the access to the site is clear BEFORE the hire date. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if these requests are not met. Please ensure that the unit is cleaned of any mess after use i.e. dirt/mud, food or drink before collection as we may charge for cleaning of this. Please also ensure that there are no overhanging tree branches and bushes near the unit that may induce tearing of the material.

We do not have a side gate or garage to go into the back garden – can you go through the house?

Difficult one as we cannot express enough that we cannot be held responsible in the event of any possible breakages etc. You would have to ensure that a clear pathway and no obstacles are in the way from the front door to backdoor. Castles are very heavy to carry and we would not be able to use the sack truck so please take this into consideration before booking.

How many children can use the unit at once?

Each castle is different – size and height – therefore please ask when booking.

Do you supply units for charities?

We have our own charity that we sponsor and therefore because of that and our own personal commitments please accept our sincere apologies but we are unable to help out with other charities.

Do you hire out units for fundraising/public and private events?

We will be willing to discuss your requirements for any event but are unable to supply operators on a regular basis due to other commitments. Therefore we are happy to hire out and let you make the profit! We have PLI for the sum of 5m. Please call to discuss.

What do you need to know when booking a unit for a hall?

Please ensure you find out that the hall is big enough for the unit to fit in. Check the measurements – especially the height. You will need to add on at approx. 2ft (0.60 metres) either side, 4.6ft (1.40 metres) at the back to give the tube and fan room, 3ft (0.91 metres) at the front and at least 2ft (0.60 metres) roof height. Check that we can use the electric supply. The same measurements apply for outdoor use in a garden.

If there are any other questions you would like answered please contact us.

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